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I've spent a fortune trying all materials that look good and aren't too expensive. I won't bore you with all the failed stuff but just show you the paints, brushes and papers I am using right now.

I started making my own paints 25 years ago and they are now beginning to do their job. My palette comsists of Ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, New Gamboge, Scarlet lake, Permanent rose, Ivory black, Raw sienna, and Burnt sienna.

My brushes are a Japanese goat hair hake and a round sable brush by da Vinci.

My favourite paper is actually Arches but Saunders Waterford doesn't lure me into overdetailing. I use both and I prefer 300 gr and rough grain. I buy single sheets and rip them in smaller pieces that I glue onto an mdf board with acid-free tape.

For field use I mount an mdf board to my photo tripod with a bracket and hang a collapsible water pot on a hook at the bottom edge of the board. When painting indoors I use a drawing board with an adjustable working angle and white halogen lighting so I can see what I do.

My drawings are made with Conté crayons on Hahnemühle Ingress paper but for sketching I use a handmade pen with a 4B nib on Fabriano sketch paper.

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